Privacy Policy

Gagafy cares about the privacy of its readers. Our primary goal is to make people laugh, but we know that privacy is not anything to play with for people. That’s why we are creating this privacy policy to let you guys know everything you need to know about your privacy when you visit our website.

Cookies and web beacons

As you might know, we create content that is sponsored content which means we don’t just make the content for free and in our spare time. Often the people creating the content on this site are getting paid for the writing that they do in creating listicles. The way we can pay our writers is from advertising revenue. Advertising has developed a bad name in general because people prefer to see websites with it being displayed. However, advertising plays an important role for businesses. If new businesses couldn’t advertise then, they would struggle to build. Moreover, people like yourselves wouldn’t find out about businesses that could help you. And as for us, we couldn’t get paid for all the work we do either. Advertising works more effectively when we have cookies enabled from our web browsers. Our advertising partners such as Google use cookies to help target advertise. That means they might be able to match keywords from your browser visits up with some ads that they might have stored away so that next time you visit our website the ad you see may be more relevant. The idea is to try to give you something you might be interested in, and contrary to popular belief, there are people interested in what ads have to show. Readers like you can choose to opt out of accepting cookies if you prefer not to let Google Adsense and other advertising networks we might be displaying see some of the keywords from what you browse.

Double click DART cookies

Google is a multi-billion dollar company. They are a very trustworthy company too, but the fact they have money to spend means you can imagine they have some pretty good ideas to implement for advertising. One of those ideas is the implementation of the double click DART cookie. The double click DART cookie works the same way as any other cookie from Adsense, but it just works when serving ads from what Google call the double click network instead of the standard network. When it comes to trust, there is no advertising network more trustworthy than Google. They do a great job of keeping out malware and any virus compared to other adverting networks you will find online and browsing a website that displaying ads from Google is the best experience you can have. However, you still have the option to opt out of the double click DART cookie should you not feel comfortable with letting a computer take notice of your words and pages you visit when you browse the web. You can read more about Google and the way it uses advertising on the internet by reading the article on how Google uses cookies in advertising.

Third-party advertising

Along with Google Adsense, Gagafy does display advertisements from other third-party vendors to help display other content from around the web, or to display other banner ads. These third-party advertisements may use aggregated information — not including any of your personal details such as your name, address, email address or telephone number — about your visits to other networks so they can use that information to better your advertising experience.

Third -party links

Some of the advertisements we display on our website are links coming from other websites to show you other great content. Sometimes those links may be on display to show information only and other times we do make money from those ads.