These Cameramen Captured More Than Expected (24 Images)

A Real Kick Back The picture proves that a second of carelessness can make you lose in this game. When these ladies in black were busy checking out one of their chipped tooth, the woman in red was going to give a hard smack. Well, we have to say that the woman in red knows […]

These Hot Girls Caught Doing The Most Stupid Things (6 Images)

Life is funny as it is. Quirky and strange. Some odd moments and people add flavor to live. These moments can come from anywhere and anytime. This world is full of people of all kinds. Some intelligent and others otherwise. Beauty needs brains to complete it. A head above the shoulders that houses a beautiful […]

These 3D Tattoos Are Just Amazing to Believe As If They Are REAL (10 Images)

In these days, tattoos are considered as the most popular and shared piece of art, and a large number of persons around us are picking up the tattoos not just following a fad, but for the aesthetic purposes. Different individuals choose to get inked for various reasons. While some prefer to ink tattoo by getting […]

dark side

10 Motivational Tattoos for Women (10 Images)

1. Girly This one is on back and that is one of the most liked area for somebody who wants a large tattoo, implying it gives a good big, unconstrained canvas. Butterflies have always been popular with women and that is the basic theme of this one. Unlike a man a woman always likes color […]

water flowing

Flawless Photography Skills-Perfectly Timed Photographs! (10 Images)

1.All the compositions photographers make are judged to be good or not by how well they compliment one another, to convey the beautiful message the photographer found worthy enough to be portrayed. Photography is a kind of visual art we come across each day in one form or another. What we see here is the […]

20 Most Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera (20 Images)

The view you get sitting in the audience may be fabulous and look very synchronized, but there is always an inside story. We get an idea from this shoot what a view from the bottom looks like. As these two cheerleaders stand under the other one, their expressions tell us that the picture they have […]