This Lonely Man Lives With 30+ Girlfriends (10 Images)

The lady that you see in the picture below with long glossy hair, dark makeup and perfect skin is not a real life woman, and it is rather a silicone love doll that only looks like it is an actual woman. These dolls are indeed beautiful, and the only difference between them and a woman is that a woman can move on her own and talk to you. As far as the pleasure is concerned that a female gives to a man, this doll will never disappoint you. If you are thinking about their price, they cost up to £1000 pounds which are obviously pretty expensive, but the fact is that the service that they provide you with is entirely worth the price. And these dolls share a long lasting relationship with their owners so technically, the men get all that they need except the usual bickering from their female partners, and we are sure that it is a plus point.

Love doll in man's lap


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