This Woman Sleeps With A Python, Until She Discovers The Shocking News (1 Images)

Pets are one of the bets things to have, and they are your companions when no one else is, and they are always there as your best friend. Cats and dogs are two animals which are most likely to be kept as pets around the world, people also like parrots and even goldfishes as a pet, but what would you say about having a python as a pet? That is right, a snake, that even a large sized one which we usually see in the movies attacking people or on Discovery channels killing their preys.


This woman had a largely grown python as her pet, and she just did not have it lying around in the house, but she always had it around her. Her relation with her snake was no different than a relationship of a person with their pet cat, she snuggled with it and always kept it close. Her closeness with her pet was so much that every night she used to sleep with the python. Everyone else found this relationship strange because no one expects a python to be a loving pet. Little did the woman or anyone else knew what was cooking in the snake’s mind.

Pet owners believe that they know everything about their pets, but that is not true because animals are not as predictable as it seems. No one can tell when a regular house raised animal can turn into a wild one, and that can happen because the animal psychic is different than humans and their behaviors can not be predicted 100% accurate. Especially when it comes to a python, a jungle animal.

This woman’s pet had not been eating for a while which got her worried, she tried doing everything she could to make it eat but it just wouldn’t. The python was 7 foot long, which is quite large and not eating would make it sick because it’s important for a fully grown giant python to get its nourishment. Days passed, and the woman felt that things are getting out of hand, so she decided to take the python to a vet. Unaware of the shocking news she would get at the vet.

The woman told the vet about her python’s odd behavior and how worried she was for her beloved pet. The vet examined the snake and then asked the woman few questions, does your pet sleep with you? Does it wrap and stretch itself around you when you sleep? Does it snuggle with you? The woman very excitedly answered yes to all these questions. The vet then told her what the real thing was going on with her pet, something which left her in complete shock.

vet checking python

The vet told the woman that her pet has been preparing to eat her. It was snuggling and stretching around her to get the idea of her measurements so it can prepare well for its feast. The snake had not been eating because it was making space in its stomach for its immense treat. This news gave the woman the biggest shock she must have ever got, an animal which she loved so deeply was making plans to eat its own master, and the gestures which she thought were love was actually the python’s way of preparing its large meal.

woman sleeping with python

Till this time before the visit to the vet, this woman was sleeping with her pet every night, but after discovering this news, we don’t think she will ever do such a thing again. The reason for the python’s odd behavior resulted in a heartbreaking story of its owner who had been living it like its baby. The snake was not eating because it was sick, but because it had been adjusting its digestive system and making space for its biggest meal, the woman herself.

This story is a lesson for people who plan on keeping wild animals as a pet, and there is a difference between common pets and exotic pets. Especially pythons its whose predators are carnivorous. It’s a hard job to handle animals like pythons, and you need to excel in that skill. This story also teaches us this is not necessary that a person who gives us hugs and kisses loves us, there can be an evil intention behind those gestures so it’s important to choose the people, we want to keep as a close company, wisely.


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