Let’s Look at the Gorgeous Cosplayer Joanie Brosas (10 Images)


Have you been acquainted with the term Cosplay or Cosplayer yet? If you are not aware of the term, then the time has come to know a little bit about it. Cosplay is often used as an abbreviation of Costume play. Details about the world of costume play can be given a bit later. However, you must know why Joanie Brosas has been considered as the leader in the field of Cosplay.

Joanie Brosas 2

Look at this girl, isn’t she a beautiful? However, she has described herself in the Facebook account as a book lover, model, computer nerd and next-door girl. Joanie is entirely capable of implementing a cheat code. So, can you call her a queen of cosplay now? If you look at the following images, then you may say that the proclamation of a cosplay queen may be right.


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