Father Shares Amazing Time-Lapsing Video of His Daughter’s Journey from Birth to Age 14 (14 Images)

Lotte in Her Journey of Growing Up

What is unique with Frans Hofmeester? He tried to capture some precious moments of his daughter Lotte’s life by capturing videos on her. He shot 15 seconds every week since Lotte’s birth and continued it up to her 14-year-age. Then he compiled all those sweet moments into a breathtaking time-lapse video portrait and shared it on the Internet. Thus, it is not only Frans Hofmeester, but every one of us can visualize the growing up stage of Lotte. If you calculate Frans Hofmeester’s effort, you will be amazed to know that it is around 11,700 seconds of his daughter’s life that the entire world can witness through their eyes. Isn’t it an incredible idea?

Lotte Through the Transformation of Age


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