These Hot Girls Caught Doing The Most Stupid Things (6 Images)

Bridal dress and skate

Life is funny as it is. Quirky and strange. Some odd moments and people add flavor to live. These moments can come from anywhere and anytime. This world is full of people of all kinds. Some intelligent and others otherwise. Beauty needs brains to complete it. A head above the shoulders that houses a beautiful face makes for the perfect combination. But everyone’s not that gifted. We have to make do with what we have. The lady below is in love with her simple sense of humor. She is in her bridal gown, and we would have liked for her to be walking down the aisle in that lovely dress, but she had other plans. And no she isn’t a runaway bride. Roller-skating in bridal wear? Quirky, real, but funny? Not really. Can we do something better next time, please? If you are running out of good ideas, can we suggest YouTube or Facebook?


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