12 Celebrities Who Don’t Wear Underwear

When my editor asks the room who would like to cover this story, I quickly put my hand up, knowing that I could cover this topic well. The reason being that I have something in common with this subject. You see, it is I that originally started the no underwear trend way back 15 years ago straight after I heard of my friend’s super cool boyfriend who was doing the same thing. Okay, so I didn’t start the trend, but I was close. Close enough to the beginning of the free balling experience to know a thing or two about it probably more than you.

During my time as a free balling man, I have come across women who love the idea almost like it’s something they want in a man, to men who have publicly labeled me as filthy. I can’t help but assume anyone with the latter point of view doesn’t wash quite as well as I do. Nonetheless. I can respect that opinion and try my best not to picture what their underwear looks like. But I guess that’s enough about me because what would you care what I wear and what I don’t wear? Chances are you don’t care too much about it at all.

The good news for all of you guys is that we have a list of 12 celebrities who do the same thing as me and don’t wear underpants when they leave the house. This could change the way you look at these celebrities from here on out, from every movie or even every song that might come out in the future.


Kendall and Kylie Jenner seemed like they were going to be different than their older sisters when they were teenagers. I distinctively remember Kylie in particular not seeming like she was caught up in her looks and she wasn’t all that good looking either. That’s perfectly fine, though, and I don’t mean that in a negative light. I can remember a time when she was out with a friend and the two of them met up with Kriss — Kendall and Kylie’s mother — and they ended up having a fight which resulted in Kylie storming out of the venue. It was at that time that I thought we might be seeing Kylie finally rebelling and it all being too much for her in the sense that she just needs to leave and be herself. Within about a month she had then transformed into something that is close to the exact opposite. She had changed into something much more similar to Kim Kardashian than anything else, which is a very interesting turning point in her life. It would be great to know what happened behind the scenes there where she went from alternative Kylie to thick-lipped mini Kim.

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